Bénédicte Manier

Bénédicte Manier


Bénédicte Manier is a French journalist, specializing in social and development issues. She has carried out several hundred field reports in France and in several countries: Burkina Faso, Ireland, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, United States, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and especially India. She is indeed one of the specialists of this country, which she has been exploring for more than 20 years.

She has published “A million quiet revolutions”: This book is a trip around the world of citizens initiatives and was one of the sources of inspiration for the film “Demain (Tomorrow)”. It shows how, from Argentina to Japan, from the USA to Spain, from France to India, millions of citizens take charge of crucial issues impacting them in sectors such as environment, health, habitat, agriculture or work. They invent a greener, more united world, and provide lasting solutions to global challenges.


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